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Многопрофильная медицинская компания «Формед»

8 800 333-62-54 Звонок по России Бесплатный

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Формед партнёр НАСКИ Формед является членом НАСКИ — национальной ассоциации специалистов по контролю инфекций

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Звонок по России

Geography of activity

The company "ForMed" delivers vaccines, medicines and medical equipment all over Russia and beyond. We were the first who started deliveries of vaccines to the population of Crimea in difficult conditions. Unique electroimpedance mammographs of the Russian design are guarding the female health of our compatriots and women in more than 15 countries of the world (China, South Africa, Australia, Slovenia, Latin America, etc.). Our mobile medical centers Medcar operate from Kaliningrad to Sakhalin Island.

Our regular customers, along with commercial firms and health facilities, are the Ministries of Health of the republics and regions, medical services of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, FSB, FMBA of the Russian Federation located in the corners of our vast country. DMC "ForMed" has in its structure a specialized logistics company that has a sufficient number of validated special vehicles and has accreditation at major airports. This allows deliveries of goods, including thermolabile preparations, in the shortest possible time in accordance with accepted standards.

We sent vaccines even by helicopters and deer to hard-to-reach villages in the remote taiga and to the Far North :)