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Многопрофильная медицинская компания «Формед»

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Формед партнёр НАСКИ Формед является членом НАСКИ — национальной ассоциации специалистов по контролю инфекций

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Formed today


Nelli Sosedova company founder, CEO

Our company is one of the most dynamically developing medicines and equipment in Russia. We have passed the way from a simple distributor to a holding, where there are all parts of the medical industry. We have overcome the crises of all the years since 1998, and have created a stable multi-faceted structure.

Step by step, by trial and error, we created our units in order to satisfy the needs of various, most demanding customers.

The complex geography of our country and the differences in material resources led us to the creation of our own pharmacies, medical centers, wholesale and logistics units. Following the latest trends in Russia, we also opened our own production of complex medical equipment.

Today the Diversified Medical Company ForMed can offer:

  • Wholesale and retail supplies of immunobiological preparations of all manufacturers, which are registered in the Russian Federation by our own validated transport;
  • Supply of medical equipment, including equipment of own production;
  • Consumables based on natural protein;
  • Collagen for surgical operations and for the organization of bandages against bedsores in diabetics;
  • Medicines and parenteral nutrition wholesale and retail;
  • Fast and reliable tests used in hospitals and used by patients at home. Rapid tests allow you to get an instant response and take the right treatment tactic;
  • We conduct our own development, including on the instructions of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation.

DMC ForMed in figures *:

82 512 25 млн
Mobile medical complexes operate in the vastness of our country Medical facilities are equipped with modern medical equipment Doses of vaccines are supplied for children and adults
* Data from the time of foundation to the end of 2016

In 2015, we acquired ownership and moved to a new spacious office in a modern office building in the south-west of the capital.

We are very active in the fight for the market share, increasing the volume of sales due to competent distribution, sound marketing policy and the introduction of high quality standards.

Today we can be proud of our position on the market, as we occupy a significant share in our industry. We continue to grow and strengthen our positions, which is evidence of our persistence and strength of the team.

All these achievements are the merit of those people who believed in our future and potential capabilities of the brand "SanofiAvetis Pasteur" and "GlaxoSmithKline", "Novartis vaccines", Scientific Production Association "Microgen", LLC "Grivac", JSC "Vectoriales", JSC "Kombiotekh" and many others. The enthusiasm and professionalism of the team pays off.


We value our employees and are proud of them. Together we experienced a lot, together we overcame difficulties and we won each time.

We love our customers. We work for you and do everything possible to ensure you receive quality service on time.



The office of the company "ForMed" is a 15 floor modern office complex NEO GEO