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Многопрофильная медицинская компания «Формед»

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Формед партнёр НАСКИ Формед является членом НАСКИ — национальной ассоциации специалистов по контролю инфекций

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Mission and values

Company's mission

  • Applying international standards and implementing the best international experience, we advance domestic medicine to a qualitatively new level.

  • Promote and create domestic innovative products.

Applying high standards at every stage from producer to consumer, we follow the motto for more than 20 years:

For med • For life • For you

Our values:

Nothing is so highly valued in the modern world as reliability and stability. Stability is a necessary condition for our development, the basis for forward progress. Our clients and partners should know: "We can always count on, we are at any time ready to assist."

Every day, using its full potential and applying only the best of experience accumulated over 20+ years, we prove our competence and professionalism through successful effective work. Evidence of this is the dozens of health facilities equipped with the most modern medical equipment, hundreds of permanent partners throughout the Russian Federation, thousands of competitions, auctions and quotations prepared by us during this time and millions of delivered doses of vaccines that provide a healthy generation for Russia.

We constantly maintain contact with our colleagues from other companies, both Russian and foreign, and exchange experiences. Our staff is trained in various programs, attends special trainings and seminars. The quality management system allows us to be confident in the conformity of our processes to all Russian and international (e.g. Good Distribution Practice) standards and ensure the preservation of the consistently high quality, efficiency and safety of the products we are implementing.

Our competence today is for tomorrow.

Highly appreciating the trust and respect of our clients and partners, we strive to ensure that the results of our work create a sustainable positive image of the company in the minds of society. That's why the reputation of a stable, reliable and at the same time progressive, actively developing team is very important for us.

Together, we create a healthy future!

We are surrounded by nature, we use its fruits and useful components and until now many of us have not fully understood one simple idea. It's not enough that everything that a person came up with, developed, created and built, just worked. It is important that it is beautiful. Because beauty is a form of discipline, which means a guarantee of reliability, durability and even economy.

Many of the most famous technologies were peeped by a person in the surrounding world and were used with talent. So vaccines, serums and bacteriophages are components of living nature. Similar to be treated similar

Everything we do, we strive to do beautifully!